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Technical Support to Install Malwarebytes on Mac 1-800-953-0960

Malwarebytes, the most trusted brand name when it comes to providing stat-of-the-art technology through efficient internet Security. The company has also been credited with offering one of the best customer care service including Malwarebytes support. Call on Malwarebytes tech support Number 1-800-953-0960 for any assistance during the process. Call today for help!

  • Download the latest version of Anti-Malware for Mac from our website
  • Double-click the .dmg file to open it
  • Once the .dmg file opens, click and drag Anti-Malware for Mac onto the Applications folder
  • Once the file finishes copying, click File from the menu
  • Click Eject “Anti-Malware for Mac”

Once it is installed completely, a user can remove/delete the .dmg file, as it is not required. The Anti-Malware for Mac can be launched from the Applications folder. But for the first time, you will be asked an admin password to install a privileged helper tool.

Why is helper tool needed?
It helps to safely and securely remove adware from certain locations that need special privileges to alter. Even if you do not provide password, you will still be able to use the software, however you won’t be able to remove all adware.

Even after following the above procedure if you come across any issue, please contact Malwarebytes customer service professionals immediately. They can be contacted on toll free number at 1-800-953-0960. You can also reach the experts on web chat or through email support.


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